American Spirit

thankspiration every day

Where did the year go?  2013 is nearing an end and I’m wondering if the planet is somehow spinning faster and causing time to pass more quickly.  As I reflect on this year I try to find one happening that stands out, but I am at a loss.  I believe it’s been an uneventful year or maybe even difficult for many people.  Well, in the midst of what might appear as apathy or indifference for the direction humanity is headed, I find tremendous Thankspiration in the American spirit; a flame that will always have a spark.

I define American spirit as our right to dream and the desire to win.  It’s about courage, ambition, and individualism.  It’s our right to know we are exceptional, personally, and as a nation.   We may not always win, but we empower ourselves to try and learn and grow from the experience.  This is not a Stepford world.  I am not a Stepford wife.  I am unique, and so are you, and this individualism is at the heart of the American spirit; our right to be extraordinary, if that is what we choose.

One of the laws of thermodynamics is that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be redistributed or changed from one form to another.  For me this means the American spirit is not lost; nothing can destroy it.  It’s just waiting for us to bring back the sparkle!  If we individually strive for the very best, there will be an extraordinary transformation; the sum of all the parts.  Together we can make it happen!


As our planet is wildly spinning and 2013 is quickly nearing an end it is my Christmas Thankspiration wish that 2014 be filled with the American spirit that drives us each towards the extraordinary.

the extraordinary end