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American Spirit

Where did the year go?  2013 is nearing an end and I’m wondering if the planet is somehow spinning faster and causing time to pass more quickly.  As I reflect on this year I try to find one happening that stands out, but I am at a loss.  I believe it’s been an uneventful year…

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Thanksgiving Thankspiration

  Since I believe in Thankspiration every day I feel it’s a challenge for me on Thanksgiving! The first Thanksgiving harvest celebration took place in 1621 and finally was declared a national holiday in 1941.  Considering culture is forever in a state of evolution, it’s interesting to look at the ways Thanksgiving has progressed over…

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Perspectively Grateful

Do you sometimes find yourself in a debate with others because they don’t see your point of view, and visa-versa?  Has your debate ever turned into a heated conflict?   If so, it’s time to step out of the box you live in! I mean your point of view is YOURS, but that doesn’t mean…

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First Teachers

I haven’t written in a few weeks and I am hoping you missed my weekly blogs!!!  It is also my wish that you find thankspiration in your lives each and every day! I was in a conversation with a friend this week about the way many children are raised in today’s confusing world.  My friend…

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remain calm

Up To Something

I was driving by a Church this week and saw a profound message on the marquise.  “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something”.  I didn’t have to think twice about it, and smiled.  I have always believed in the midst of chaos and adversity, it is critical to remain calm. If…

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