First Teachers

thankspiration every day

I haven’t written in a few weeks and I am hoping you missed my weekly blogs!!!  It is also my wish that you find thankspiration in your lives each and every day!

I was in a conversation with a friend this week about the way many children are raised in today’s confusing world.  My friend said, ‘people don’t know how to parent’.  I replied, ‘I didn’t either when I became a mom’, and this got me thinking.

Parenting is probably the single most important role in our lives, ever, yet there is no training that prepares us.  To become teacher certified it is a mandatory four years of higher education, and ongoing training/certification; yet parents, who are the first teachers, are left clueless!  I wonder if there was a parenting school what would be on the agenda; certainly how to change a diaper!  And then after securing a master’s degree could I earn my PhD and become Dr. Mom!

So what makes for effective parenting?  I believe there are some critical considerations, and the first might be obvious to you and me (remember, we are the extraordinary by way of thankspiration), which is love.  Tell your child you love them daily, cuddle, bond, and encourage, with lots of hugs and kisses.


What comes natural to us might not to others, and I believe love is the foundation for a healthy and confident young person.  When we raise our children in an environment of love and support we set them up to be more stable, secure, and successful later in life.

Here is my short list of what I believe might be considered in a parenting workshop agenda, in no particular order.

  • Be an effective communicator
  • Be an active listener
  • Be consistent, patient, and fully engaged
  • Empower your child to be accountable, forgiving, and always grateful
  • Support their interests and hobbies
  • Encourage independence
  • Support creativity
  • Every moment is a learning opportunity (remember parents are the first teachers)
  • Be an ethical role model
  • Be responsive vs. reactive
  • Encourage respect

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This list is by no means complete, but it’s a start.  These considerations encourage moral autonomy; which means our child’s growth and development is influenced by internal values.  If we teach our children the importance of communication, fairness, and respect, utilizing the above list, these values will surface.

I am certain when our children first enter the school system there is a difference between children who assert these values, and not, and this must be a huge challenge for our educators.

I take a moment to pause, giving recognition and thanks to those who inspire our children through the teaching profession.  We are always grateful for your service and thankspiration!

And to the first teachers, the parents, the Dr. Moms and Dads of the world, I inspire you to embrace this amazing opportunity to empower your children to be extraordinary.  Be the change our confusing world so desperately needs; be the thankspiration for future generations.  Be the extraordinary person you want your children to become.


Keep on shining!

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