Perspectively Grateful

Do you sometimes find yourself in a debate with others because they don’t see your point of view, and visa-versa?  Has your debate ever turned into a heated conflict?


If so, it’s time to step out of the box you live in!


I mean your point of view is YOURS, but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same, or has to live by your rules.

We each begin our lives in our little corner of society, our family, neighbors, and maybe church influence us along the way, and we begin to develop our world view.  But as time goes by and we start interacting with outside (of our box) influences, the culture we first developed expands.  It’s a movement; a dance – and each interaction effects our next step. This is why two siblings are able to become two very different adults with totally opposite viewpoints.  They may have shared that same little cubby the first couple of years, but perceptions are altered depending on personal relations; our world view is ever fluid.

That’s what makes life so interesting – the fact that we are each different.  I love to meet someone who has another point of view than I do because it’s opportunity!  I get to have an outside of the box discussion and possibly learn something new.  I might change my perspective based on new information and interaction, or uphold my current position.  Either way I gain insight into why that person believes in theirs.  This is tremendous thankspiration, and for this I am perspectively grateful!

thankspiration every day

The point is to be respectful of the other person’s viewpoint and be grateful for the opportunity to embrace diversity.  When we adopt a perspectively grateful attitude we are able to blend our movements so it becomes a dance, even if our tempo is different.  A full blown conflict is never productive; but a constructive debate is refreshing!

So my message is to step outside of that box.  It gets kind of stuffy (and lonely) in there when we think we are always right!  Be tolerant and listen attentively to what the other person is saying.  It’s not about changing our perspective, but all about respecting diversity.  Seize the opportunity to be extraordinary by living a perspectively grateful life!

the extraordinary end