Thanksgiving Thankspiration

thankspiration every day


Since I believe in Thankspiration every day I feel it’s a challenge for me on Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving harvest celebration took place in 1621 and finally was declared a national holiday in 1941.  Considering culture is forever in a state of evolution, it’s interesting to look at the ways Thanksgiving has progressed over the years.  The simple beginnings were a time for a family to gather at moms or grandmas to share a quiet day of reflection and a Thanksgiving feast.  Although the family gathering and traditional feast are here to stay, today Thanksgiving also represents the start of the Christmas shopping season, and then there is football!

I personally find no thrill mixing Christmas shopping with the Thanksgiving spirit, but football gives the opportunity for family and friends to fill the day with continued sharing and fun!

It’s been considered the family meal is a dying art in today’s busy world, so I wonder if the Thanksgiving gathering offers a rare moment for a family to be home, together.  I hope not!  There is heartfelt Thankspiration in sharing a meal with those we love, and a family should strive to keep the family meal alive.  The difference in a daily meal together and a Thanksgiving gathering is the focus of giving thanks.  I know many families take a pause during the big feast to allow each person to share what they are thankful for; a moment of though-provoking gratitude.  This is a fine tradition and a reminder of the essence of Thanksgiving.


My Thanksgiving wish is that Thankspiration is your spotlight; to eat, drink, and give thanks!  …and let’s not forget the football!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Let your day be filled with the deepest of Thankspiration on this extraordinary day.

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