remain calm

Up To Something


I was driving by a Church this week and saw a profound message on the marquise.  “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something”.  I didn’t have to think twice about it, and smiled.  I have always believed in the midst of chaos and adversity, it is critical to remain calm.

If we are immersed in the stress of our situation, our receptors are blocked; we are stuck in front of a huge red stop sign, and there is no moving forward.

On the other hand, when we remain calm we are open to discovery.  It reminds me of a bit of wisdom from the movie, Sound of Music, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window”.  With a calm heart that red stop sign becomes a yellow yield, and it’s ok to proceed with caution, looking for that open window.


During these moments, indulge in thankspiration; be grateful when a door slams in your face.  For gratitude becomes the warm breeze flowing through that open window, inviting you to find your way.

It’s an adventure!  No need to wallow in the dark; rather bask in the sunshine.  Take a deep breath, pause with calm, and shift the focus to the opportunity that awaits you!  …knowing God is up to something!

An adventurous attitude is what makes us extraordinary!  Keep on shining!

the extraordinary end